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Call to register for classes. 815-953-2215
BASIC PUPPY - (age:10-16 weeks) 6 weeks. $150.  Basic Sit, Down, Leash Walking, Polite Greetings, Name/Attention, and a couple of tricks. Common Puppy Behaviors will be addressed in class.
 $50 deposit to hold spot. Call to register. 815-953-2215. 
BEGINNER FOUNDATION - (5months and older) 6 weeks.  $150..   Teaching Sit, Down, Come, Leash walking, Polite greetings, Leave it, Stand, Stay, Wait, and more.
 $50 deposit to hold spot.  Call to register. 815-953-2215. Need 3 to hold class. 
INTERMEDIATE LIFE SKILLS - (6 months and older) 6 weeks.  $150..
Prerequisite - successful completion of Beginner Foundation or Puppy Class.  Class builds on previous skills learned and introduction to distance, distraction and duration. 
TRICK CLASS 101- (6 months or older) 4 weeks.  $100.  Prerequisite - basic manners recommended. You will learn a variety of fun tricks to build your dog's confidence and to strengthen the bond between you and your companion. The tricks are fun to show off to your friends and family. On demand classes. Please call to discuss.
LOOSE LEASH WALKING - (6 months or older) 4 weeks. $100.  Are you tired of your dog pulling you? This is the class for you. This class will work on leash handling skills for the handler, dealing with distractions and how to handle those while on your walk. Weather permitting we will be working outside as you and your dog improve on your communication with each other.
REQUIREMENTS: Dogs must be dog and people friendly, current on vaccinations with proof of vaccinations, flat buckle collar and or harness (Freedom No Pull Harness), 6 foot leash, treat pouch, a variety of high value soft treats, water and a bowl, waste bags for clean up, sturdy shoes, no open toe shoes. Once class begins no refunds will be issued. 
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